The Rainbow Of Someone’s Cloud


The Rainbow Of Someone’s Cloud

The Rainbow Of Someone’s Cloud

No one’s life is ever perfect,

Things are not always correct.

You might think they are content as hell,

But maybe you don’t really know them well.

Even if they don’t scream or yelp,

Doesn’t mean they don’t need your help.

At times, they want you to reach out,

Calming their nerves if they ever freak out.

There’s no wrong in making them smile a little,

Instead of being a douche; rude n brittle.

Cheer them up when they are feeling sad,

Trust me, it would make you too glad.

They joy of giving, is a blessing from Heaven,

Something which isn’t received by everyone.

You are lucky if you got this opportunity,

Of making even one person, cheerful and happy.

If you had the fortune of doing it, be proud,

For you were able to be the rainbow of someone’s cloud!


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