Love Yourself


Love Yourself

Love Yourself


There are many a times that people think of ending their lives because for them the situations and the problems they are going through become more important than their entire life.
They stop thinking about their family, friends and just want to die.

You need to love yourself, in this world there couldn’t be anything better than loving yourself, believing in yourself and picking yourself up when times get hard because no one is going to come help you, its just you who has to be strong enough to face any situation.

Depression could be a really suckish thing but honestly you can get over it. Being upset about something for so long is totally not worth it.
You don’t deserve it, you deserve everything that you have ever wished for and for that you yourself need to work hard. You need to build yourself up and reach great heights.

Life would always squeeze lemons at you , the best thing you can do is make lemonade out of it and chill, chill for a while and imagine how harsh you could have been to yourself while you were hurting.

Suicide is not the answer to anything. Its the worst thing you can do or even think of.
Hurting yourself in anyway isn’t acceptable coz your body doesn’t deserve that. God gave us all one life to live it up to the max and make something out of it, he would never expect us to give up.

Its also well quoted by someone that, “suicide doesn’t remove the pain it just passes it on to someone else.”

You might ruin someone else’s life, so think about whatever you do wisely.


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