Learn From The Nature Around


Learn From The Nature Around

Learn From The Nature Around

Wish these silver drops of rain,
Could wash away the sorrow and pain;
Of them with whom life hasn’t been fair,
Of them with loads of problems to bear!

Wish this flowing breeze of wind,
Could sway away the frowns of those who once grinned;
For they’ve almost forgotten how to smile,
And need happiness, even if for a little while.

Wish these trees could give shelter,
To the souls menaced by dread and terror;
‘Cause some senseless people didn’t hesitate,
Before making them subjects to this horrible fate.

Wish this grass could act as a bed,
For the kids needing a lap to lay down their heads;
With minds now left with only the memories,
Of their parents once calling them “precious dearies”.

Wish the moon’s light could remove the darkness,
From lives which have now become a mess;
Happiness and joy, they have long forgotten,
Every festive occasion is now simply rotten.

Wish these twinkling stars could bring back the shine,
To the dull eyes, now tired of crying;
Mourning for the close ones they have lost,
The past is what always keeps them engrossed.

Can the nature suffice for the loss once caused?
Can it ever resume the lives once paused?
Well how can nature fix what some humans break?
For whom life is all about give and take!

They give up all the humanity they have inside,
And mercilessly take away so many precious lives;
If only they could learn from the nature around,
To treat everyone equally; to let all be safe and sound!


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