The Iconic Abdul Sattar Edhi


The Iconic Abdul Sattar Edhi

Abdul Sattar Edhi

The nation is fretting the legendary Abdul Sattar Edhi has left humanity in an orphanage.

His parting has left an irreplaceable void but we all disregard to perceive he did not want. The

Oscars the Stardom silly roads signs and airports and gold coins and lengthy chapters in books

for namesake .

The epitome humane work he did demands and appeals to be escalated and funded by our

regiment not just honorary medallions is requisite. His life was bigger than accolades.

Edhi Sahab a living saint and servant for all mankind irrespective of language and above all

religious dogmas and prejudices cast or creed.let him remain undefined .He is defined by his

invisible gestures and reverence.

I see him in the kind acts done by a stranger

I see him in teardrops that bring merciful news

I hear him in the pleas of people in danger

I see him everywhere outside and within

I hear him in the soul that is burdened by sin.

I hear him in cries of i fatherless infants lying helplessly in a trash

I see him in look of a needy weeping pauper

I feel him in in the suffering and grief of stateless abandoned and homeless persons

I see him in unforeseen crisis saving aiding the powerless.

I see feel and hear him in every rescue and ambulance rushing around me .

I see him as.a penniless resourceless superhuman Edhi. Sahab was mighty powerful and

capable than all the power and resources and authority of our ignorant state..

Lets us vow to continue his mission to cater to all to serve and sacrifice unconditionally.

………………… a way to live beyond life ………………his legacy will live forever .


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