A Brief Analysis of Consuming CLA Safflower Oil


CLA Safflower oil is an organic substance derived from a plant, the oil extracted from plant’s flower and seed often used in the medical field especially on weight loss supplements.

Mostly, the safflower oil is used as the cooking oil among peoples across the world. Particularly, women consume safflower oil for having missed painful menstrual periods. Even in some part of the world, safflower oil is used as the abortion substance in order to avoid women getting pregnancy.


How Safflower Oil Works?

The presence of chemical substances likes linolenic and linoleic acids in safflower oil helps to make human blood thin, by doing so it prevents blood clots in blood vessels and also it increases the blood vessels width. As a result it lowers the blood pressure and stimulates the heart functions.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

The Conjugated Linoleci Acid (CLA) one of the chemical substance found in the safflower oil will helps to reduce the fat. Fat, which is often known as the vital reason for creating a lot of diseases especially on heart related problems.

The working process of CLA chemical substance of safflower oil is quite interesting it increases the activity of metabolism process which is responsible of taking nutrients from consumed food. The fat substance present in the in-takers food which dissolves in human bloodstream will be extracted by the CLA and transfers to muscle cells & liver where it converted into energy.

In normal case, the fat substance which are not absorbed by human muscle cells and liver would often gets struck with the other cells resulting accumulated fat content in human body. So, the real work procedure of CLA safflower oil is its just transfer the available fat substance to energy without shifting those fats as accumulated one in particular part of the body.


Apart from providing fat related benefits CLA safflower oil has various health benefits which are listed below along with its disadvantages too.

Advantages of using Safflower Oil

  • Safflower oil helps to reduce the feeling of craving and cholesterol levels in human body.
  • In general, Safflower oil comes in two forms, seed-derived and flower-derived.
  • The safflower oil type which comes from seed-derived is enriching in oleic acid, somewhat similar to the olive oil. In literal the Oleic acid is a monounsaturated, and strong omega-9 fatty acid.
  • And since its monounsaturated fatty acids safflower oil is often known to be anti-inflammatory substance
  • In taking of seed-derived safflower oil with the level of Two tablespoons daily its helps to lowers the LDL cholesterol levels in human body.

Disadvantages of using Safflower Oil

  • Well the presence of omega – 6 fatty acid and the characteristics of high concentration of flower – derived safflower oil along with the ingredients that will leads to increase the diabetes, hypertension and provides the risk of getting high cholesterol.
  • As per the recent studies, the results shows that women who consumes safflower oil faces two types of diabetes and though it reduces belly fat among women but still it won’t provides significant impact on today body fact or BMI.
  • The stats shows that in taking of Safflower Oil have no true benefit of offering complete weight loss, People who have abnormal lipid condition should not consume safflower oil, as it might provide serious side effects.
  • People who suffer with the diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems due to the in taking of safflower oil should stop consuming it.
  • And the last the most worrying factor is the regular intake of safflower oil will results in increasing inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids substance in human body.


Experts Advise on Consuming Safflower Oil

Consuming the safflower oil which is known to be in high pro-inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids on regular basis would increase the lift threatening issues like heart disease, strokes and others like cancer. As per the proven records, the accumulated fat substance is responsible for creating cancer cells. Mostly human parts like breast, correctional, lung, skin and stomach are the places which fat get stored and convert in cancer cells as time progress.

In order to avoid harmful side effects on consuming safflower oil, experts suggest dosage limits for enjoying the positivist of taking safflower oil.

How to use CLA Safflower Oil?

Using 6 walnut halves or taking teaspoon of olive oil will reduce the craving effect among the in takers body. In literal, the substitute of safflower oil is hard to find without the presence of oleic acid. So taking with the successful ingredients would provide better results.



Though, one can witness several types of safflower oil like CLA safflower oil consuming with the doctors consultation will results better. As doctors would analysis the consumers body condition and suggest the consuming levels of safflower oil which will avoid harmful side effects.


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