3 Amazingly Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Bad Habits


3 Amazingly Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Your Bad Habits

get rid of bad habits


Most of us have at least one bad habit, not to mention the others. The truth is, some of our habits can lead to serious health issues, or deliver a wrong image about ourselves. Whether you bite your nails, smoke, clear your throat or crack your knuckles, it is time to stop.

We know that deep inside of you, there is a person that wants to stop practicing these habits. But how do to it?

We recommend 3 simple and easy steps to get rid of bad habits:

1. Make Yourself Conscious

Figuring out when and why you bite your nails or crack your knuckles is the most essential part of understanding your habits. You may be practicing them under certain circumstances or feelings you are attached to, so if you figure these things out – you are on the good way towards stopping.

2. Put Them To Paper

Writing always makes things sink in a better way – but also helps in establishing a baseline of emotions and what’s through your head whenever you practice any of these habits. You should keep the log for at least a week and keep record of when you do it, measuring your habits and being one step closer to controlling them.

3. Bait Them – And Switch Them

This ancient technique can actually work on your habits. How? – you are asking yourself.

In reality, once you realize when and why you practice your habits, the next logical thing you should find doing is to replace your habit with a similar one. For instance, if you are biting nails, try gum. If you clear your throat, exhale. If you crack your knuckles, don’t let your hands position themselves in this way , stroke the fabric of your sleeve – or do a similar movement with your hands.

Meditation may be a great way to break bad habits – once you identify the triggers, it helps you distract yourself next time you are in a similar situation.

Don’t let your habits define you – and start having full control over what you do – and how you do it.



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